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Alexandrow & Partners

Legal Consulting and M&A

Bying & Selling Business Worldwide

Alexandrow and Partners have an extensive experience in advising on mergers and acquisitions, corporate law.

Our experience allows us to provide the following services:

Mergers and acquisition maintenance (M&A),

  • Complex legal test (Due Diligence),
  • Antitrust legislation (approvals obtaining, notification of antimonopoly authorities),
  • Corporate restructuring. Holding company foundation,
  • Corporate management,
  • Securities,
  • Establishment and maintenance of enterprises, including foreign investment,
  • Insolvency (bankruptcy),
  • Corporate disputes resolution.

We provide advice and legal support to carry out various transactions related to mergers and acquisitions. Our services include legal aspects of the preparation and conduct of such transactions (legal analysis, develop recommendations for the scheme and structure of the transaction, negotiations with clients contractors, preparation of required documents, necessary approvals in cases specified by law, support the conclusion of transactions and their execution).

We have the knowledge and experience, including trial – and it allows us to hold high-level Due Diligence company’s, assets (a comprehensive legal analysis and evaluation of companies, businesses, property). We give recommendations to minimize, eliminate the risks identified for the protection of the property acquired and the stages of investment projects. The results of our due diligence is an essential justification for the adoption of any investment decisions.

«Alexandrow & Partners» specialists render professional service in the field of antimonopoly legislation, securities market legislation, holding group construction and optimization, including to improve the controllability of companies within the holding, improving the corporate transparency in order to attract strategic and/or portfolio investors to minimize risks. We can give valuable advice and to answer various questions in the creation of enterprises of any organizational-legal forms, including foreign investment.

Some implemented projects  examples:

Financial sector


 Establishment of Joint-Stock Company “KB Guta-Bank Ukraine in 2004, the size of the authorized capital – USD 10.000.000, -. Joint project Guta Group and affiliated companies. Currently the bank operates in Ukraine under brand VTB Ukraine (after the acquisition “Guta-Bank in Russia Vneshtorgbank)

A private equity fund in an offshore jurisdiction establishment. Purpose – investing in higher-yielding assets in various industries in Russia (the volume of investments – EUR 300.000.000, -).

Inkombank assets restructuring – bank bankruptcy proceeding, which included the negotiation of debt restructuring with the company Severstal and others.

Belvnesheconombank (Belarus) acquisition – complex negotiations at various levels, obtaining governmental permits, negotiation of payment terms, etc.

The acquisition of the bank owned by the state, in Mongolia – Due Diligence, Legal Opinion on the compilation of the applicable law. Structuring the deal and the project implementation.

Legal Opinions drafting on the advantages and disadvantages of banks acquiring in Cyprus, Panama, the Cayman Islands, etc. An analysis of fiscal, procedural, economic and political risks.

Real estate, land

 Acting in the interest of one of the leading development company, we successfully completed a project to acquire the legal entity owning the land. Our participation has included the implementation of Due Diligence, making recommendations to reduce identified risks, negotiating with the buyer, the formulation of the transaction scheme, preparation of documents for the transaction, support of the client in the transaction, the closing of the transaction.

Lawyers of «Alexandrow & Partners» have implemented legal support in the sale – purchase of assets in the Moscow region. Representing the interests of the seller, we have prepared assets for sale, together with the buyers we have helped to develop a scheme of sale-purchase of assets, as well as to implement measures to sell assets.


 Representing interests of the Russian investor, our lawyers have provided legal support of a number of transactions for the purchase of non-food retail stores.



Lawyers of our company held a series of restructurings of large agricultural companies in Voronezh, Kursk, Stavropol region to increase their capitalization before the sale to big investors. We have implemented the restructuring of loan indebtedness made to banks, resolved issues with the payment leasing companies, as well as the elimination of reciprocal bill of exchange obligations, and promissory notes between the agricultural producer and parent holding companies.

Subsoil use

«Alexandrow & Partners» employees have experience in support of transactions to acquire assets in the exploration and mining of precious metals in Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as the experience of interaction with foreign lawyers in the process of establishing joint ventures and investments in this field.

CommunicationsTelephone, Internet

 Preliminary analysis, acquisition and corporate consolidation of the telecommunication sector companies in the regions of the Russian Federation. Our experts have supported over 10 projects for pre-verification and acquisition of telecommunication companies in different regions of the Russian Federation (Krasnodar Region, Sverdlovsk Region, Perm Region, Tatarstan Republic, Kostroma Oblast) and abroad (Great Britain (London), USA (New York).

Industrial production

 Employees of our company have represented the largest Russian financial-industrial groups in a number of Due Diligence projects in order

to further acquisition of stocks of shares or interest in the statutory fund of the company. Industries – engineering, petrochemicals, electric power.