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July 2012: Presenting Of The Project To The Invesment Comettee- Interdisciplinary Case In The Usib Business School

As part of passing of the state exam for specialization MBA Strategic Management in the Ural-Siberian Institute of Business, the Group No. 4 received the task to develop a presentation of the investment project.

A choice of four categories:

  • agriculture (poultry farming and production of dietary meat turkey)
  • production of flat glass,
  • production of building materials for low-rise frame houses,
  • development of a concept of operation of the business center “Gallery of Success” in Yekaterinburg.

The examination committee consisted of the teachers of USIB – Director Frankische in UFD Ryzhkovsky Boris, Semenova Elena and Managing partner of “Alexandrov and Partners” Ilya Alexandrov.

According to the results of the projects presented the results of all 4 groups were utilized. The best presentation was made by Group No.  3 (speaker Alexander Menz, Uralenergo) in the framework of the project on the cultivation of dietary meat of a Turkey.

Position No. 2 won the Group No. 1 (speaker Alexander Bayrangulov, Uralenergo), which presented the project of construction of a small plant for production of float-glass.

Position No. 3 was divided by the Group No.  2 (the production of building materials for rapid construction of frame houses – speaker Airat Lokmanov, Zapsibinterstroy) and No. 4 (the concept of the development of the BC Gallery Success – speaker Alexander Peters, Sibkomplektmontazh).

I would like to note the detailed elaboration of the project on the cultivation of turkey Group No.  3 – on the questions of the investment Committee (of the examination Commission) were given to the competent answers, the intensity of which sometimes exceeded the frequency and the number of questions

Group No. 1 a little bit of falling short of the level of its presentation to the prize-winning the first place, even though she got probably the most complicated in a technical sense the project. The professional experience of the members of the group in the sphere of glass production was not, therefore, all search of information was held for 2 days, without any preliminary study of the question

Group № 4, which analyzed the project “Gallery of success”, which is completely not thinking about the need to prepare the architectural concept of the revitalization of the adjacent territory of the business center, operational landscaping and equipping of access ways and entrance group of pointers to the names of the companies-tenants.

Group No. 2 is not enough analyzed the risks in the framework of the project and presented the investment Committee only optimistic scenario of the project.

According to the results of the protection of the project winners were awarded with gold medals of the USIB.

In conclusion, it was noted that the main thing for the initiator of the project is to make an interesting and competent presentations for the investor, the light of the investor desire to participate in the project. It is so pass presentation of sectoral investment projects on the stock exchange MICEX and RTS, as well as bilateral meetings with investors.