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Oct. 2017 – Visit of the Italian delegation to the special economic zone Lipetsk

The managing partner of Alexandrow and Partners Dr. Ilya Alexandrov took part in an international forum dedicated to the visit of the Italian delegation to the Special Economic Zone “Lipetsk”.

The event was opened by the Honorary Consul of Italy in Lipetsk, as well as the presentations of some Italian companies. During the plenary session the benefits of investing in a company resident federal SEZ and also marked a significant lack of information about Russian and foreign companies about working the SEZ in Russia were discussed.

Ilya Alexandrov stressed, that the main activities of investment advisor, law and finance – is to choose the right region of localization of the enterprise for the client This work has to be done in the format of a comprehensive critical analysis of the project, with recommendations to the client.  For example, it is necessary  to exclude unwanted competition between similar industries. An example was given automobile assembly plant in St. Petersburg, who will inevitably poach each other’s employees with similar qualifications and create a basis for the development of trade unions.

Particular attention must be given to the early stages of analysis and be sure to examine the advantages and disadvantages of specific regions and territories, drawing attention to the low cost of land plot and the made-up communication system, and regulatory aspects of tax (reduced rates of income tax assets and reduced interest rates of social benefits companies SEZ residents are expressly provided for by federal law). This work will allow further avoidance of many problems and the impact on the investment project of negative factors, of which many investors start thinking when they become known.

The Forum held business talks with Italian manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, power sales organizations, employees of Italian Consulate in Russia.